Sluchawki Sony PIIQ Smooth Over the Ear Headphones (MDR PQ2/Z) Brown/Yellow MDRPQ2/Z w Polsce juz za147

Robust sound
Hi-Fi without the heft. The 30MM drivers push bass while neodymium, the strongest permanent magnet known to humankind, delivers crystal clear, robust sound.

Smooth detail
Like a slick tire, Giiq™ phones have a smooth shape all over. Even the hinges are simplified and covered in elastomer to let the breeze fly by while also reducing hair jams. Details galore are found at every angle of this piece.

Padded comfort
Padding in all the right places – soft ear pads and a cush headband. Whether they’re on the head for listening or around the neck in waiting, if they’re comfortable, you’ll rock’em more often.

Slick cord
Slick skinned with a splash of color, the flat cord on Giiq™ headphones challenges the idea that a cord is purely for function. Slide your fingers down the flat surface and tell us we’re wrong.

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