Visual Land VL G4 Flash Portable Media Player VL 577k C 8GB BLK w Polsce juz za 203 PLN (cena regularna 149 USD)

Video Features Model: VL-577k-C-8GB-BLK
Video Features Built-in Memory: 8GB Flash Memory
Video Features Supported Formats: AMV, MP3, WMA, WAV
Video Features FM Tuner: Built In, Radio/Auto Scan/Store/Erase
Video Features Lyrics: Yes. Supports .lrc format.
Video Features Data Retention: 10 Years
Video Features Voice Recorder: 200 Hours with recording rate of 8khz
Video Features Voice Mode: Selected content repeat function (A-B mode)
Video Features Weight: 70g
Video Features Dimensions: 3.5in x 1.5in x .25in
Video Features LCD: 1.8″ Anti-Scratch True Color 65,000 color.
Video Features Equalizer: Natural, Rock, Pop, Classical, Soft, Jazz, DBB
Video Features Repeat Mode: Normal, Repeat Once, Repeat All, Repeat Folder, Random, Intro
Video Features Battery: Rechargeable battery, ~3-5 hours playing time when fully charged, ~10 hours charging time through USB port
Video Features File Transfer Speed: Reading (700 kb/s), Writing (400 kb/s)
Video Features SNR: 85db
Video Features Output Power: 5mW+5mW
Video Features Output Range of Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
Video Features PC Interface: USB 2.0
Tech Specs
Tech Specs Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Tech Specs 166 mhz cpu or faster
Tech Specs 32mb of RAM
Tech Specs 20mb available disk space
Tech Specs Available powered USB port
Tech Specs CD-ROM (Only needed for Windows 98SE)

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